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On the Farm rating=2


I had a really vivid dream that we were on the farm. Everything was cold and crisp and quiet and kind and beautiful. We were walking through the woods, and came to a field with a herd of deer, and we stood there, really quietly, till eventually, they ignored us and wandered around us and surrounded us. There were so many of them that we were scared, if they panicked, they might actually trample us, but it was worth it, just to be surrounded by all those deer. It was that same sort of feeling as walking out onto a frozen pond, and hearing the ice beneath you creak: you're pretty sure you're safe, but you're not totally sure. We stood there quietly, without speaking, just shivering, as the deer brushed by, grazing on the grass.

(Sometimes I wish I remembered my dreams a little less well, or that my real life was as interesting to me as my dream life...)