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The Lion and the Thorn rating=2

One day, a lion roaming through the jungle got a thorn in his paw. A shepherd saw the lion, and, his pity overcoming his fear, approached it, and offered to remove the thorn. "You cannot heal while the thorn is still in your paw."

"I am king of the jungle," the lion roared. "This tiny thorn cannot hurt me!"

Some time afterward, the shepherd again came upon the lion. He lay on his side; his paw was enormously swollen; he could no longer walk, and he was starving. Again, the shepherd offered to remove the thorn from the lion's paw, and again, the lion refused: "I am king of the jungle," he growled, scaring the shepherd off.

That night, the hyenas and jackals circled the lion, afraid to get too close, but waiting, as the lion weakened. He remembered the kindness and the wisdom of the shepherd, who was nowhere to be seen. "I am king of the jungle," he whispered proudly, and at that point, he used his powerful fangs to bite painfully into his own foot, till he himself had removed the thorn.