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When He Surrounded Himself... rating=2

When he surrounded himself with the things that were left to him—a box of Grape Nuts, a toilet kit with dental floss and eye drops, a rusty bicycle, a small pile of movie ticket stubs, two potted plants, four books with folded pages and underlines, a wax Buddha candle, seven headaches, and a 28.8 fax modem—he piled them all onto his kitchen table (which was rented), and, watching as it buckled under the weight, he contemplated: what was the best way to eat everything?

The combined wisdoms of Betty, Julia, Wolfgang, Rachael, Emeril and The Two Fat Ladies offered no answers. The indexes of so many stew recipes did not tell him what he needed to know. So, on his own, he chopped several cloves of garlic, minced a fresh bunch of parsley, and set to simmer all of the ingredients of his life. He reduced them in a stock pot till he had a puree—a hearty soup with no name, of his own creation.

Pouring it out with an old bent ladle into a deep mug, he drank it hot, the soup of his own life, and dipped a few bits of old sourdough for bulk; and when he'd eaten the entire pot of it, he was of course entirely empty, because whether he knew it or not, he was drawing identity not from what filled him, but from what he lacked...

Empty vessels

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